Green Synthesis of ZNO Nanoparticles using Aloe Vera Leaves Extract

  • Mohsen Risan al nahrain univ
  • Bayader Abdel Mohsen
  • Asma Ghatea
Keywords: Green synthesis, ZNO,nanoparticles, Aloe vera, FTIR, SEM, AFM


Characterization of the created ZnO nanoparticles using the following techniques: Fouriesr Transform Infra RedSpectrum (FTIR), Scanning Electron Microscopic (SEM), Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) was employed to describe the surface morphology, particle size in nanoscale, dimeter and roughness of the surface for zinc nanoparticles prepared from plant extraction. The morphology images of pure plant extract and biosynthesised zinc nanoparticles that explains the 3D image of the surface morphology.The particle size in nanoscale of pure plant extraction was 87.22nm and zinc nanoparticles were found to have a particle size of 36.42nm.   height cumulation distributions that determine the volume percentage of plant extract's grain size particles and biosynthesised zinc nanoparticles, recording 50.269 nm average hight of plant extraction and  21.515 nm average height of synthesized zinc nanoparticles, displays the Granularity Cumulation Distribution, which calculates the volume percentage of the diameter of plant extract and synthetic zinc nanoparticles. The average diameter of plant extract was 133.77 nm, whereas the average diameter of synthetic zinc nanoparticles made by plants extract was 52.84 nm. The roughness of the surface RMS (Root mean square)  of pure plant extraction and the synthesized zinc nanoparticles  that that RMS of plant extract  was 13.2nm, while the RMS of synthesized zinc nanoparticles was 5.21nm. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) analysis explained the morphology of the surface and shape formation of plant extract and synthesized zinc nanoparticles , that exhibits the micrograph of plant extraction and synthesized zinc nanoparticles and shows that the zinc nanoparticles were formed as nanosheets and hierarchical shape in huge quantities and different lengths nanosheets. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) element mapping at the microstructural level shows the distribution and quantities of zinc nanoparticles elements prepared from the plant extract and oxygen.It is noticed that the high amount of zinc prepared. FTIR findings for the crude The appearance of a broad peak at (2320.47 cm-1) in an Aleo vera extract is due to the stretching O-H groups of phenolic groups and carbohydrate monomers.

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Risan, M., Mohsen, B. A., & Ghatea, A. (2023). Green Synthesis of ZNO Nanoparticles using Aloe Vera Leaves Extract . Iraqi Journal of Natural Sciences and Nanotechnology, 4, 93-103.