Editorial Board


Editor in Chief


Asst. Prof. Dr. Yousif Khalaf Yousif      

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - Iraq         




Editorial Board Members


Prof. Dr. Shamsoddin Mohajerzadeh

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering/ University of Tehran- Iran  



Dr. Olusegun AMOS

Department of Science Laboratory Technology/ Kogi State Polytechnic/ Lokoja -Nigerian


Dr. Taghreed Hashim Al-Noor

University of Baghdad - Iraq



Dr. Ali T. Raissi

Florida Solar Energy Center / University of Central Florida - USA




Dr. Haider Hassan Alwan

 Ministry of Oil - Iraq




Dr. Ali Hussain Rishak

Czech Technical University- Czech Republic




Dr. Alaa Abbas Fadhel

 Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University - Iraq




Prem S. Thapa

University of Kansas-USA




Dr. Yahya Al-Khafaji

 University of Babylon - Iraq





Dr. Mohsin W. Yaseen

Ministry of Science and Technology - Iraq  





Dr. Youssra Kareem

 Mustansiriyah University - Iraq





Dr. Alaa Ali Hussain

 Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - Iraq




Dr. Alaa Jabbar Ghazai

Al-Nahrain University- Iraq




Dr. Abbas Khammas Hussein

 Director of Nanotechnology and Advance Materials Research Center




Dr. Ali Mohammed Al Mafarage

ministry of electricity, iraq




Dr.Luma Majeed Ahmed

Kerbala University, iraq