Frequently Asked Questions

The Iraqi journal of Natural Sciences and Nanotechnology (IJNSN) is issued by the Imam Husseins’s Holy Shrine-affiliated Al-Sibd Specialized Center for Scientific Research.

The Journal accepts all research papers, articles, and conferences proceedings related to the field of nanotechnology.

The journal is recognized by the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in accordance with the Ministry’s letter (BT 4/552) dated (2020/01/26), and is adopted for scientific promotions. The journal is not Scopus-indexed yet, due to the fact that it is a newly-founded journal. However, there is a comprehensive plan to include it in the Scopus index soon.

Yes, the journal is an open-accessed one and is committed to the transparent peer-reviewing process according to the Double-Blind Reviewing.

Yes, the journal has acquired the ISSN which is mentioned in the journal’s website. The journal is also registered in the Crossref agency which is a prerequisite to make journals Scopus-indexed.

At the very beginning, papers that need to be published by the journal must go through a draft review process to make sure that they agree with the journal’s terms of publication and other technical issues related to research writing. In case the draft does not comply with the journal’s terms of publication, the researcher will be notified within two or three working days. In case the draft agrees with the terms of publication, the second process of plagiarism checking followed by further scientific reviewing starts; these processes could take up to 40 working days.

Plagiarism checking is done by the journal through the Turnitin program.

Yes, names of scientific reviewers can be suggested after the journal evaluate their academic career, taking into consideration that the journal is not obliged to send the research papers to those suggested reviewers if other considerable reviewers are available.

Publishing in The Iraqi journal of Natural Sciences and Nanotechnology (IJNSN) is absolutely free, since the journal is a non-profit institution which demands no publication fees from researchers. Moreover, the journal’s administration has allocated a cash prize to be awarded to the best research paper published in each issue number. Besides, in cooperation with the Al-Sibd Specialized Center for Scientific Research, the journal is committed to make a TV interview with the prize winner to thoroughly talk about his/her research papers’ ideas, results, conclusions, and applications.

Yes, the journal is keen on publishing scientific articles in addition to nanotechnology-related conferences proceedings.

Papers can be sent to the journal through the following steps:


  1. 1. Visiting the journal’s website at or though logging at the Al-Sibd Specialized Center for Scientific Research website at
  2. 2. After clicking the registration icon (Registration), a list will appear so that a researcher can choose and fill the required information.
  3. 3. After completing the required information, you need to agree with the first terms related to dealing with your personal details. This is usually done through clicking the adjacent square. Two more notifications-related options are available when new scientific papers are published in the journal, or when you participate in the process of papers evaluation received by the journal. However, you are free to accept these terms or not.
  4. 4. Next, you need to click on the Register icon that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  5. 5. After completing your registration, a new window (expressing thanks) will appear confirming that registration has been successfully completed. Then, you will be given three options,

do you want to:

  • Send a research paper
  • Editing your personal account
  • Keep browsing (the journal)
  1. When choosing the first option (sending a research paper), a new window, which contains more five steps, will appear as shown below:
  • Submission Requirementshere, you need to tick all the available items so that you can be transferred to the next step. You also need to tick the items related to (corresponding contact) and the other one related to your personal information. In order that you can be transferred to the next step, you need to click on (save and continue).
  • Upload submission file here you are sked to upload your research paper draft. Then you need to click on (complete), then on (save and continue).
  • Enter metadatahere, the research paper descriptive data, i.e., research paper title, abstract, key words, etc. are entered. Other authors’ names are included by clicking on (add contributor) then, you need click on (save and continue) to go to the next step.
  • Confirmation here you are notified that your draft has been successfully uploaded, and that it is ready to be sent. However, you can go back in case you want to do some editing. If you are sure to proceed, then click on (finish submission), where a new window appears with the message (OK) to finish the submission process.
  • Next steps In this last step, you are notified that sending your draft has been successful and a thanks message for publishing with the journal will appear to you. You will also be informed that the journal has received your draft notification and that a confirming email has been sent to you, and finally that your research paper editor will contact you after your research paper evaluation process has been completed by reviewers. At this point, you are allowed to:
  • Viewing the status of your research paper within the journal’s electronic system.
  • New sending operation
  • Going back to your main page

Now, the process of sending the draft of your research paper to the journal has been completely successfully, and that you can do more evaluation and publishing activities within the system via your account.