Fundamentals Plasmonic Logic Gates at Nano Scale Structure and 1550 nm Wavelength

  • Saif Al-Tameemi Imam Ja'afar Al-Sadiq University
  • Zaid Saad Al-Sabea
  • Mohsen Hayati
  • Salma Ali Sadeq
Keywords: Plasmonic Waveguide (IMI), Fundamentals Logic Gates, Nanophotonics


This article posits, simulates, designs, and implements all-optical logic gates that use nano-rings Insulator-Metal-Insulator (IMI) plasmonic waveguides (NOT, OR, AND). The suggested plasmonic gates' structure has been designed and numerically simulated by two dimensions (2-D) structure using the Finite Element Method (FEM). The proposed device's performance is evaluated using four criteria: transmission, modulation depth, extension ratio, and insertion loss. The proposed structure was built with silver and glass materials. The suggested plasmonic gates' functionality was achieved by using the concepts of destructive and constructive interferences. Numerical simulations show that at 1550 nm operating wavelength, the suggested plasmonic gates could be implemented in a single structure with a transmission threshold of (0.5). This device had the following characteristics: transmission exceeding 100% in one state of NOT and exceeding 200% in one state of OR and AND gates, medium and high Extension Ratio values, so small footprint, and very high MD values. Future access to nanophotonic integrated circuits will be made possible by this technology, which is also thought to be a crucial component of all-optical computers.

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Al-Tameemi, S., Al-Sabea, Z. S., Hayati, M., & Sadeq, S. A. (2023). Fundamentals Plasmonic Logic Gates at Nano Scale Structure and 1550 nm Wavelength. Iraqi Journal of Natural Sciences and Nanotechnology, 4, 40-53.