Design and On-Line Test of Nano Electro-Mechanical Switch

  • Maha Khalid Kadhim Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, University of Karbala, College of Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Karbala
  • Waleed Khalid Kadhim Ministry of education, Directorate of Education Babylon, Hilla, Iraq
  • Maryam Adnan Al-Ethary Ministry of education, Directorate of Education Babylon, Hilla, Iraq
Keywords: Nano-electro-mechanical System (NEMS), Creep, Wear, Crack, On-line monitoring, Bias superposition test


In this paper, Nano Electro-Mechanical Switch (NEMS) was designed and simulated by using MATLAB simulation, then was tested by the on-line test through bias super-position. This switch has 4.5 nm thickness, offers low power dissipation, and permits nonstop observing of all essential jobs. On the other hand, some challenges are facing this Nano system. One of them is very difficult to resonators collective products with the same characteristics. The fabrication process was also complex and much hardness occurred during repetitive operations, which failure and stiction caused problems. In this work, a comparison between the response of a fault-free system and the system with some failures has been carried out. The test results showed a decrease in pull-in voltage with increasing overlap area as a result of wear failure mechanism in Nano Switch (NS). Creep in (NS) affected the value of the young modules and this increased the output voltage, also the crack in the beam of (NS) increased the effective mass and decreased output signal.