Synthesis and Characterization of PMMA/Bi2O3:Fe2O3 Composites as Gamma Radiation Shielding

  • Saleem mohammed University of anbar
  • Ali K. Aobiad
  • Mahdi Mutter
Keywords: PMMA, Hardness, Bi2O3, Gamma shielding, Radioactive transmittance


This study investigates several mechanical properties, including hardness, as well as the radiation attenuation capacity of samples prepared from PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate) as the base material, along with nano-oxides comprising Nano Bismuth Trioxide (Bi2O3) and Nano Iron Trioxide (Fe2O3) at varying doping percentages (0%, 0.5%, 1%, 3%, 5%). The linear attenuation coefficient (µ), absorptivity (A), and transmittance (T) were determined using the radioactive isotopes Bismuth-207 (Bi207) and Cesium-137 (Cs137).The experimental results exhibit a notable enhancement in hardness and radiation attenuation coefficients in samples as the doping percentage increases. Particularly, samples with a 5% doping ratio demonstrated the most promising outcomes. Consequently, they can be regarded as superior shielding materials suitable for radiation applications due to their increased linear attenuation coefficient values. Furthermore, absorptivity values witnessed an increment with heightened radiation effectiveness of the radioactive source and an increase in both shield thickness and doping ratio. In contrast, transmittance values declined with the augmentation of sample thickness and doping ratio.

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mohammed, S., K. Aobiad, A., & Mutter, M. (2024). Synthesis and Characterization of PMMA/Bi2O3:Fe2O3 Composites as Gamma Radiation Shielding. Iraqi Journal of Natural Sciences and Nanotechnology, 5(1), 115-132.