Green Synthesis Methods of Schiff Base Compounds: A Review

  • Noor Sabah Department of Chemistry, College of Science, Unversity of Diyala , Iraq.
  • Zainab Esmail Sadeq
  • Hiba Shihab Ahmed
  • Mostefe Khalid Mohammed
  • Anfal Salam Al-Mahdawi
Keywords: Green Chemistry, Schiff Base, Synthesis Methods


Synthesis of Schiff bases using the principles of green chemistry is an environmentally friendly approach to obtain these important organic compounds. Schiff bases are widely utilized in various applications, but traditional synthesis methods often involve the use of toxic reagents and solvents. This review highlights a sustainable and ecological strategy for the preparation of the Schiff base. The green chemistry method emphasizes the selection of non-toxic and readily available starting materials, such as primary amines and carbonyl compounds, while minimizing waste generation and energy consumption. Environmentally benign solvents, like water or ethanol, are favored over toxic organic solvents. The use of green catalysts, including solid or bio-derived catalysts, enhances reaction rates and selectivity, reducing the need for excess reagents. The synthesis is conducted under mild reaction conditions, such as ambient or slightly elevated temperatures, to avoid the formation of hazardous byproducts. The work-up and purification processes are optimized to minimize waste production, employing simple techniques like filtration or recrystallization. The schiff bases that are synthesized are categorized utilizing spectroscopic techniques, such as NMR, IR, or mass spectrometry, to confirm their structures and purities. By employing green chemistry principles, the preparation of Schiff bases becomes more sustainable and environmentally conscious, contributing to the overall goal of a greener chemical synthesis. This abstract serves as an introduction to the green chemistry method for preparing Schiff bases, providing a concise overview of the approach's key principles and highlighting its potential to reduce environmental impact while obtaining high-quality organic compounds.

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Sabah, N., Zainab Esmail Sadeq, Hiba Shihab Ahmed, Mostefe Khalid Mohammed, & Anfal Salam Al-Mahdawi. (2024). Green Synthesis Methods of Schiff Base Compounds: A Review. Iraqi Journal of Natural Sciences and Nanotechnology, 5(1), 38-56.